Low-code Platforms Accelerate Business Value

Low-code Platforms Accelerate Business Value

Low-code application development platforms are a proven approach for creating digital threads

Manufacturers are under continuous pressure to evolve, improve how they operate and deliver value to their customers and stakeholders. Addressing the many challenges of today requires them to digitally transform themselves and their processes. A low-code application platform - like Mendix - provides many ways to overcome challenges and increase business value.

For example, digital transformation is the best strategy that supports product and process innovation. Many technologies address digital transformation, but leveraging a low-code development platform has helped many companies adapt and extend their current applications as well as quickly create new ones. It enables a company to address issues that hold back collaboration, data integration and workflows. It also enables developers to individually and collaboratively create enterprise-grade applications that address the needs of the business. Low code is a transformational capability essential to business success, especially in today’s fast-moving, complex industrial markets.

In this E-book, you’ll learn:

  • What is Low-Code Development?
  • Benefits of Low-Code Development
  • About the Siemens Mendix Platform
  • Case Studies & Success Stories on Mendix

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