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Datamation Group is a leading IT consulting and solutions provider that is committed to helping enterprises across many industries reach their highest potential by developing business solutions best suited for their business. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have expanded our presence across continents, with offices established in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

When Datamation started in 1983, our main business activity was to provide automation to data entry, hence the name "Data" and "Mation". Today, the company has expanded its activities far beyond data capture, to include all sorts of services such as document digitization, business intelligence, application development, publishing services and more.

Driven by our passion in "Transforming Information", we aspire to provide solutions that help businesses in their digital transformation journey. This belief has driven us towards great partnerships and successful repeating business. To stay ahead of competition, we will continue to innovate and apply suitable technologies to meet market needs.

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