10 Ways Automation Platforms Improve The Way You Work

10 Ways Automation Platforms Improve The Way You Work

Enter the low-code development interface

According to a recent Nintex survey, 71% of businesses said they struggled with several, incompatible processes and/or disjointed workflow systems. What, therefore, is preventing businesses from fully utilizing process automation? The majority of the time, it's the expense of the resources and development time an IT team normally needs to plan, code, test, and implement a custom solution.

Enter the low-code development interface. Through a visual, drag-and-drop interface, these user-friendly yet robust process automation platforms enable business professionals with rudimentary technical abilities to create and automate their own workflows. It frees up IT staff to work on other high-value projects and preserves process control by empowering more individuals to create and automate workflows.

Learn how process automation allows teams enterprise-wide to:

  • Handle complex workflows at scale
  • Easily integrate with line-of-business systems
  • Offer mobile access to process data

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