Using Low-Code Application Development to Propel Oil & Gas Tech Higher

Learn how application development can increase efficiency and productivity in the Oil & Gas industry

FORCS at Smart Nation

The Oil & Gas industry is navigating digital transformation and energy transition. Application development is taking the industry to new heights by using web applications to remediate many challenges that have plagued the industry.

Join Datamation as we demonstrate how web applications created by Mendix Low-Code development software can simplify your challenges in the Maintenance Variance Control Process to add efficiency to operation, compliance, and maintenance tasks.

Usually, Oil & Gas operators follow a strict maintenance policy as maintenance tasks are normally carried out during a scheduled timeframe. In the event that maintenance works are unable to be performed, it will result in postponement of the maintenance regime for that particular platform. This carries the risk of income loss due to platform shutdown and HSE risk due to platform or engine failure, both of which negatively effects the oil platform operator.

Having a robust web applications can greatly assist the Oil & Gas operator to have more control over maintenance postponement which can help you:

  • Lower incompliance
  • Minimize HSE risk
  • Reduce income loss

Web applications improve and benefit the Oil & Gas industry significantly by enhancing safety, ensuring compliance, streamlining processes, increasing worker productivity and boosting the company's financial health. For companies that adopt digitalization, the future looks to be a bright one.

Join us to discover how you can deploy web applications created with low-code platforms so that you can stay ahead in this live webinar on 5th April, 2022 at 3 p.m (MYT).