New Partnership between Datamation and xSuite

New Partnership between Datamation and xSuite

Datamation has announced its partnership with xSuite Asia Pacific, part of the xSuite Group, which is a global player for accounts payable invoice automation (APIA) and P2P processes with SAP. The partner contract was signed at the DigitalCFO Symposium in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Datamation will exclusively offer xSuite´s SAP solutions as well as archiving and capturing from the xSuite cloud to its customers.

xSuite is an established provider of APIA solutions for the SAP market with strong expertise in the areas of e-invoicing, AI in invoice processing and holistic P2P processes. Thanks to consistent SAP certifications across the entire portfolio, xSuite leaves it up to its customers to pick their preferred deployment model by supporting SAP’s various models (SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition and Rise with SAP.).

"We are thrilled to embark on this new partnership with Datamation. Much more than a collaboration, it signifies a strategic alliance that represents a synergy of expertise, innovation and a shared commitment to excellence. With more than 40 years of unparalleled success in delivering tech solutions to Asia, Datamation is perfectly positioned to start a new era by offering xSuite's solutions for accounts payable automation and P2P processes with SAP."

Andreas Nowottka, Managing Director of xSuite

Datamation Group is a leading IT consulting and solutions provider that is committed to helping enterprises across many industries reach their highest potential by developing business solutions best suited for their business. Far beyond data capture, the company today offers all sorts of solutions such as enterprise content management (ECM), rapid application development platform, document & records management system (DMS), and many more. Over the years, Datamation has expanded from a Malaysian based entity to a regional organization with offices based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and representative offices in various countries.

"Our goal is to establish strategic alliances with technology market leaders to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions that help companies every step along the way. Being an exclusive partner of xSuite means for our customers, they will benefit from a leading, future-proof software for APIA and P2P scenarios in various SAP deployment models. Thus, we help them getting the maximum return on their investment, keeping operations running smoothly and, at least, taking on the challenges in their highly competitive environment."

Alex Wee, CEO of Datamation

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New Partnership between Datamation and xSuite
From left to right: Andreas Nowottka, Managing Director/xSuite, Yun-Zhen Wee, COO/Datamation, Alex Wee, CEO/Datamation, Matthias Lehmenkühler, CEO/xSuite