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EASY Software AG is a public listed company in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is today Europe’s most popular Enterprise Content Management solution provider with over 12,800 customers worldwide. EASY product is SAP certified and their SAP Data Archiving solution has been embraced by many large companies in Europe and the rest of the world. Global and local companies rely on their comprehensive suite of scalable document technologies to automate business processes, improve productivity, efficiency, and to meet various regulatory requirements. EASY Software aims to save your time, by making document management EASY. They develop and deliver multi-platforms - Document Management, Electronic Archiving and Content Management Solutions.

For 30 years, EASY Software has stood for innovative software solutions. Today, their products and services have long been in use all over the world. Countless partners, customers, and users rely on them every day, and thus on almost 400 employees. Their expertise focus on service as well as their down-to-earth attitude give EASY Software a face, and are a major part of their success.

EASY Software accelerates, simplifies and optimizes work processes with digital solutions. Their vision is a world in which people see digitization as an opportunity. Together with their employees, partners and customers, EASY Software makes companies more successful and helps relieves the strain on them.

Datamation is the distributor of EASY Software in Malaysia and in the ASEAN region.

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