Pre-press Systems

Prepress Solutions that can help you address print related issues before print

PDF Pre-flight

Easily edit PDFs and pre-flight images before sending to print.

Tired of checking multiple pages of PDF files for errors manually before sending them to the printers? Our high-quality PDF Pre-flight solution comes with easy and reliable editing tools that can easily help you speed-up the process of editing and pre-flighting large volumes of PDF files. The stand-alone hot folder-based application enables you to instantaneously detect and edit any errors in your PDFs, like incorrect page sizes, missing fonts, blurred-edge-images due to low resolution, faults in the colours being printed and more. Errors detected within the PDF files can also be routed to multiple people to making the solving process faster.


Cross-Platform, Easy, reliable, efficient, quality preflight

Suitable for all print media. E.g.: Newspaper, magazines and etc.

Unprecedented Speed, Detect errors, edit PDF
Unprecedented Speed

Quickly identify and fix any errors in bulk within PDFs.

Multiple Users, PDF Preflight solution
Multiple Users

The platform is accessible by many users simultaneously.

Cost Saving, Detect errors, edit PDF
Cost Saving

Reduce the costs of manual checking of PDFs by automating the process in a central online platform.

Automated Reporting, PDF Preflight solution
Automated Reporting

Generate easily understandable reports to monitor pre-flight progress.

Seamless Integration, Easy, reliable, efficient, quality preflight
Seamless Integration
  • Customizable settings to fit any particular production requirements.
  • Support all different versions of PDFs.
Colour Control, PDF Preflight solution
Colour Control
  • Full ICC colour management and DeviceLink support.
  • Includes fully licensed Pantone spot Colour libraries.
  • Colour management can be applied on an object, page or document level.
Edit in PDF, Easy, reliable, efficient, quality preflight
Edit in PDF
  • Identify hidden layers and transparent objects and knock out white text.
  • Embed missing fonts, change fonts and convert fonts to outlines.
  • Add and edit text and images between PDF files.
  • Convert colour spaces and fix missing bleed.
  • Add page number and correct page sizes.
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