People Centric Data Security

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Data Security

Prevent data leakage with this people centric data security solution.

We often add passwords and tighten cyber security to ensure our confidential documents do not fall into wrong hands. But in this era where security attacks are escalating, it’s important that we gain full visibility of these documents. Existing layers of data protection provided by the average data security software like SIEM, Firewalls and Filters, only keep your information protected from outsider threats, not internal threats. While other security policies in place may have loopholes and might not fully protect information from bring leaked.

The Data Security solution that we provide help companies across industries prevent data leakage, manage their data security and policy, and educate their employees on different aspects of data protection. With our solution, you can monitor user behaviors and have total control over the movement and management of data across all digital platforms in your organization.


Special Features, DLP, data loss prevention
Special Features
  • Identify user-based risks. E.g.: Suspicious usage of user inside or outside of working hours and company network.
  • Cover wide-range of information sources.
  • Scans information in all languages and scripts.
Detect Fraudulent, Data leakage
Detect Fraudulent Behavior

Analyze data movement and report data leakage. E.g.: Copy information to personal drives, upload information to third party apps, websites or non-corporate emails, print information without permission etc.

Data Security, Data protection
Data Security
  • Universal Encryption for high profile information.
  • Works offline.
  • Safely accessible, traceable on mobile devices and apps.
Automated Reporting, Data security
Automated Reporting
Generate Employee Productivity Reports to monitor the time spent by employees on non-work-related website or even illegal websites, applications etc.
Legally recognized, Information security
Legally recognized

System is in compliance with the various legitimate standards such as Personal Data Protection Act, Security Act, ISO27001 and PCI DSS.

Cost Saving, Prevent data leakage
Cost Saving

Monitor usage of all of the machines in your organization to lower the cost of electricity.

Transparent Audit Log, Security policy
Transparent Audit Log

Enable backtracking of records of document changes and activities.

Sensitive Data Classification, Network security
Sensitive Data Classification

Set restriction on the extraction of information from specific documents.

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