Enterprise Performance Management

Integrated Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse to help you consolidate and create analytical reports from different data sources

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Business intelligence solution to ease financial planning, data mining and other analysis activities.

The impact of business analytics in today's market is huge and it is expected to grow exponentially. Business needs to know how they are performing, why the results are what they are, and what action can be taken to ensure they meet their strategic goals. With our business intelligent solution, you will have a central data store (data warehouse) of key decision making information that is easy to use, fast to implement, affordable and provides the necessary visibility and planning capabilities to achieve your goals. This Enterprise Performance Management Solution (EPM) allows you to effectively analyze data collected from multiple sources and report information in meaningful formats to ease further planning, budgeting, forecasting, data mining, what-if analysis and more. Most C-suites, Accountants/Auditors, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Operations Managers find this solution attractive and useful.


Seamless Integration, Business intelligence
Seamless Integration

Support the extraction of data across multiple sources. E.g. Accounting/ERP (Oracle, SAP, MYOB, Quickbooks), CSV, CRM/Payroll, and other operational data sources.

Data Consistency, Business analytics
Data Consistency

New information that is added to the database will be synchronized automatically, eliminating any data inconsistencies.

Anytime, anywhere, Data mining
Anytime, anywhere

Accessible from any computers and mobile devices.

Special Features, Analyze Data
Special Features

Define threshold values and set alert notifications to help decision makers stay vigilant.

Seamless Reporting, Performance management system
Seamless Reporting
  • Easily access multiple data sources on one platform.
  • Reduce dependency on spreadsheets.
Increased Efficiency, enterprise performance management
Increased Efficiency
  • Easily access multiple data sources on one platform.
  • Reduce dependency on spreadsheets.
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