Electronic Forms

Design XML Based e-Forms to be used with any Smart Devices

Electronic Forms

Enterprise e-form solution to help you reduce business costs and increase efficiency.

Tired of manual survey forms and looking to go green? Digitize your business with our Electronic Form solution that aims to help you reduce manual data processing and increase productivity by easily creating great looking digital documents.

Customize E-forms with dynamic business logics and workflows, enhance them with many unique functions such as camera capture, barcode recognition, voice recording, digital signature etc, and experience seamless flow of information between devices almost instantly!


Easy Integration, Reduce manual data processing
Easy Integration

The E-Form solution can integrate with any existing systems such as ERP and CRM, and databases using XML/Web Service.

Cost-Saving, E-Survey for business

Reduce costs related to printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms, and the wastage of obsolete forms.

Special Features, Digital Signature
Special Features

Unique survey fields like Digital Signature, Voice recorder, Camera, NFC tag recognition, Barcode Scanning and more.

Unprecedented Speed, Increase revenue, reduce business cost
Unprecedented Speed

Create your digital forms fast with easy drag and drop functions, and drop-down menus for standardization.

Data Security, Customized E forms for corporate
Data Security

Encrypted data to secure your data from unauthorized users.

High Performance, Create Electronic Forms
High Performance
  • Minimize server workload and network traffic with XML based forms and data structure.
  • Allow automatic dynamic changes to the forms by data driven events.
Increased Efficiency, Build online forms, Enterprise e-form solution
Increased Efficiency
  • System automatically formats, calculates, looks up, and validates information for user.
  • Reduce approval cycle times with graphic signature and stamp scanning functions.
Anytime, anywhere, Create Electronic Forms
Anytime, anywhere
  • Build, fill-in, validate and approve online forms on any device.
  • Control forms from multiple touch screen monitors. Easily manage data input, perform screen synchronization, conduct concurrent input control and more.
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