What Are The 6 Benefits Of Using Electronic Forms For Your Business? | Datamation Group


Electronic forms, also referred to as e-forms, is not new, but there are many businesses and organizations that still use paper forms. More specifically, each and every industry uses forms to drive and fuel their processes, and this won’t be changing any time soon. While scanning can help reduce paper workloads, the next logical step is usually the elimination of paper-based forms with electronic forms.

There are several reasons why more organizations are making the switch to electronic forms. Here are 6 reasons why your organization needs to make the change as well.

Reduce Paper & Costs

The most basic benefit is the savings from using less paper. Using less paper means that forms are less expensive to produce, because you are saving the money you would’ve spent on ink and paper. Additionally, there is also the costs associated with handling the paper, including distribution, storage and retrieval. Electronic forms dramatically reduce these costs.

Remote Access

Ever find yourself on the road for business and unable to keep up with your daily tasks? Electronic forms are available on the go – anywhere and anytime. With digital forms, your data is instantly accessible via the cloud and you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Ensures Data Accuracy

It’s easy to make a mistake on a paper form. Electronic forms allow for data validation to ensure the information that’s being captured is in a valid format. Errors within the form can be flagged by identifying wrong formats, omitted fields or inconsistent data.

Automatic Functions

With automated fill-in processes, electronic forms automatically fills in customer information such as name, address, contact number and more, your staff only need to check and validate the data. Additionally, electronic forms can also be set up to automatically calculate prices, quantities, tax, and other figures. This eliminates the need to key in information manually and saves your business valuable time in the long run.

Safe & Secure

Security is a big concern for businesses storing data online. Electronic forms come equipped with encryption and security measures to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized users.


Paper forms typically pass through many hands and changes being made to them can be difficult to track. Electronic forms are trackable, you'll be able to view, at a glance, exactly who and when has accessed the form and if any changes have been made to the data.

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