Introducing Mendix – Watch the Video | Datamation Group


An introduction of the Mendix platform.

This video is a high-level introduction of Mendix - the application development platform. It is intended for C-suites and CIOs to learn that Siemens has a low-code platform as part of the Xcelerator portfolio and give an overview of the platform. This video was produced in FY20 and will need update at some point in FY21 to include final Mendix positioning.

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a low-code application development platform that allows you to build and improve mobile and web applications on a large scale. Mendix enables collaboration between business and IT users to foster innovation and speed development. Mendix supports mobile, tablet and desktop applications. The platform may be used to create new apps, such as those for IoT, or to update legacy applications.

Mendix improves the development times of creating apps by up to 10x and with 70% less resources, as compared with traditional development. Traditional application development methods aren’t fast enough to keep up with demand. Even worse, these methods do not always involve the right people to deliver quality apps at a rapid pace. Low-code platforms have everything on board to quickly develop a business idea.

Part of this ease is created by a visual interface with drag-and-drop elements to enable functions. The simple representation and easy development foster continuous improvement while the end products support scaling. The low-code interface enables those unfamiliar with coding to help in the production of apps.

The Mendix development platform is used by more than 3,400 organizations, and over 60,000 professionals use it to build apps. The platform offers an app gallery and solutions for insurance, financial services, education, logistics and manufacturing.

Low code is in line with the growing pain that many organisations experience due to the tight IT labour market. With the Mendix software platform, it is possible to develop custom, process-driven business applications quickly.