Extending the Digital Enterprise with Low-Code – Watch the Video | Datamation Group


Low-code automation for the digital enterprise.

This presentation was given by Peter de Moerloose in May 2021. It introduces the challenges faced by enterprises, the benefit of Xcelerator, what is low-code application development, and Mendix as the leading low-code platform. This presentation also includes several use cases that are common in Industrial enterprises.

Low-code and no-code applications are quickly becoming the technology of choice for many people in the digital workplace. According to recent research from Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies by 2025, up from less than 25% in 2020.

The corresponding rise of low-code application platforms, or LCAPs, is driving the increase of citizen development, and the growth of business technologists who report outside of IT departments and create technology or analytics capabilities for internal or external business use.

Low-code platforms can dramatically speed up the creation of sophisticated enterprise-class applications that incorporate complex business logic, automate workflow and case management activities, integrate with existing information systems and enable a slick user experience.

Low-code enables the automation of basic processes and allows employees with varied levels of experience to quickly develop scalable business applications. Low-code may also expand or enhance the functionality of existing information systems as they are shifted to a cloud-computing environment. In addition to this, such low-code solutions can supplement or even replace existing legacy applications in the back office.

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