How Does ECM Make Working-From-Home More Effective During Covid-19 | Datamation Group


ECM solutions combines together intelligent document capture solutions, workflow automation, storage, document management, and more. These integrated solutions allow you to work in a digital workspace, anytime anywhere by either using digital forms or digitalized paper document into digital assets, which then automatically gets organized and stored in the ECM solution for easy and secure retrieval. ECM is a people-centric solution, which empowers employees to work from any corner of the world.

Take a simple but common issue faced by many companies such as the process of sending a requisition form for approval. The form is normally filled on a physical paper and then send out for approval. Since many companies now have employees that are working from home, the process of submitting and keeping track of the requisition would be difficult and the physical document may go missing along the way. As such, this would increase turnaround time and reduces productivity for the company.

With an ECM solution, employees are able to create a digital version of the requisition form that replicates the physical copy. The process is therefore more quicker because it’s digital. The users are also able to keep track of the approval process by looking at where the current stage is at now, and to escalate for further action if required.

A good time to evolve internal processes with ECM

While business uncertainty is an obvious impact of this pandemic, this is a great time for organizations to take a step back and review their business processes. An ECM solution can be part of a forward-looking strategy for adding agility, responsiveness, and security to an organization, as well as spurring Digital Transformation efforts. By adapting and automating your key business processes, your company can become more efficient, be more aware of your content and reduce business costs, at the mean time increasing productivity for your employees.

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