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The value of low-code. Defined.

Perception: It's obvious that your IT department can create value. 95% of businesses agree that IT adds value to strategic initiatives.*

Reality: You don't have the right tools, processes, and funds to create and accelerate that value. 61% of business stakeholders say that IT is delivering on less than half their ideas and 50% of IT reports that budgets are inadequate.

How do you turn perception into reality?

With low-code development, you can modernize your application development processes and create value for your organization at unprecedented levels. And you can prove it.

Download the Low-Code Value Handbook and you'll learn:

Download the "Low Code Value Handbook" and you'll get Mendix's framework on how to define, calculate and articulate business value you create with low-code development. You'll learn:

  • How to calculate time-to-market acceleration, application output growth, and IT productivity increase
  • How to create a business case
  • That you’re no longer a cost center
  • That you can lead the charge on creating a new way of doing things in your organization
  • That you're a value creator.

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