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Filling Digital Transformation Gaps With Applications


Digital Transformation Puts Pressure on Development

Digital transformation is crucial to the success and profitability of today’s industrial companies. But transitioning to a digital business exposes shortfalls and creates gaps in most companies software ecosystems.

Companies must fill their gaps, and they are doing so by both building and buying solutions. Low-code development provides them with the ability to build custom solutions faster. This eBook discusses how low-code development addresses companies’ technical challenges, creates development agility, and modernises legacy systems.

Manufacturers must fill the gaps in their company’s processes, organizational approaches, and systems. Developing solutions to meet digital demands puts significant pressure on application development to do more - and do it faster!

How can manufacturers improve the way they develop software applications to fill their digital transformation gaps and achieve their business strategies? We surveyed over 300 manufacturers to find out. According to the survey, companies currently using low-code application development are over three times more likely to be able to fill digital transformation gaps “very well” than those not yet using it. Around 40% reported their companies have already adopted or planned to adopt low-code development. With demand for applications increasing, low-code development platforms are an appealing solution to fill digital transformation gaps.

Download the “Filling digital transformation gaps with applications” eBook and see how quickly you can meet your digital transformation goals with low-code.

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