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Change is hard. It doesn't have to be.

For Mendix, there are three things to successful digital transformation: app development, the ability to cope with change, and collaboration. Increased collaboration between business and IT is how you alter the course of your company through app development. Change the way you develop apps, and you change the way your business operates, engages with customers, and creates new channels of revenue.

This eBook provides readers with the hands-on tools and guidance they'll need to execute a digital transformation strategy. It defines the 4 P's of digital execution (People, Portfolio, Process, and Platform). It shows readers how to envision and start building their Innovation Factory, an organizational function by which businesses can innovate and build apps in a repeatable way, at scale.

Download the Digital Execution Manual and you'll learn:

  • Accessible and transparent processes thanks to DMS
  • The core components of a successful digital transformation strategy (hint: it’s mostly people!)
  • How to start and quickly scale app development with low-code

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