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Document Management as an Investment for the Future

On-Demand Webinar

Benefit from DMS - in the home office and beyond!

Most companies are currently working with a mixture of paper and digital documents . But conventional working methods, such as storing documents on a hard disk, no longer meet the increased requirements for the availability of information. In the current health crisis, in which many employees are sent to the home office, the disadvantages of decentralised manual processes become even clearer. Say goodbye to media breaks of all kinds and introduce digital, automated processes in the company. This will bring you efficiency and long-term cost savings.

What will you learn in this webinar:

  • From invoices to drawing up contracts and reporting requirements: Which documents are processed in the company every day?
  • What are the challenges of processing and filing documents and information?
  • How to process digital documents and automate processes with a DMS
  • How to implement a DMS in your company and which steps you take
  • How to create legal security and compliance at the push of a button

Goals of the webinar:

Often companies fear the complexity of implementing a document management system and the supposed costs and change, which can be extremely detrimental when looking to improve their business practises. In the webinar we would like to show you that digital document processes pay off in terms of costs and productivity at short notice and also how you can quickly and easily implement a DMS in your company.