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DMS Deep Dive: Data Tools, Collaboration and DocuSign

On-Demand Webinar

Explore the boundaries of a DMS!

What did we learn through lockdown?

Document management systems bring desired order to the document jungle, ensure transparency, workflows and the necessary efficiency in companies. So far, so good. But what about cooperation beyond the boundaries of the DMS?

During lockdown, the needs for change in a document management system were established. Working from home highlighted the need for electronic signatures, and now that invoices and other documents are emailed as PDF’s rather than posted, many businesses are considering a feature that can capture information simply. Scanning documents is still an important function, however capturing data through a PDF, word or an Excel document will become an essential process.

Within this webinar we will explore the additional features by taking a look at the software in action. You will gain more knowledge in:

  • Document Capture
  • Contract with Collaboration
  • The Digital Signature

We look forward to seeing you there!