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How to Digitalize Your Business Processes Using a DMS

Digital Transformation has been a journey for organizations over the past several years on digitizing their paper-based processes. The problem is that many companies still have to do the basic work of process automation, putting them at a severe disadvantage in their efforts to embrace the so-called digital transformation.

Digitalization is the word of the moment and it goes beyond just improving your current workflow processes. It is all about redesigning your business into a digital business. It can seem overwhelming at first to think about all the processes in your company that have to become digitalize. Here are four valuable steps to help you get started with digitizing your business processes.

Start Off Small

We recommend introducing a Document Management System into your organization through a step-by-step process. Use it first for smaller typical processes until your employees become familiarize and gain some experience with the system, e.g. receiving invoices. This will allow your employees to get accustomed to this new way of working. As soon as they become familiar with the software, you can begin implementing more advanced processes to the system.

Become Familiar with Processes and Optimize Them

In general, you will only be able to effectively digitalize processes if you know all the work steps, interfaces and stakeholders. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that processes that do not run optimally in an analog format will also present the same problems in a digital format. For this reason, it is crucial that you first take a critical look at all previous processes and determine the cause of the problem. Only then can you begin to optimize them and map them digitally.

Involve Employees at an Early Stage

Your employees often know what best works in their daily workflows and where the problems lie. Therefore, you should involve them in the redesign of their routine workflows processes into digital processes as early as possible. If your employees are allowed to participate to a certain extent, they will be more likely to grasp an understanding of the new tools and working methods quickly.

A Solution for the Entire Company

Digitalization is not often controlled from the boardroom. Individual departments implement isolated solutions that help contribute towards their own respective workflows, but do not benefit the entire organization. This undermines the benefits of a DMS, because many processes are cross-departmental. For example, invoices pass through the procurement, controlling and accounting departments. For this reason, look for a solution that works for everyone and provides interfaces to all leading ERP systems.

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