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Are your Important Business Documents Trapped in the Office?

Just a year ago, the Covid-19 pandemic started and most of us considered our homes as the main place of work due to the lockdown. Today, thanks to cloud applications and emails, most of us are able to work safely from home. But as the battle with Covid-19 continues and the lockdown stretches on, we’re discovering that even in our digital age, there are still assets, such as our physical documents, that aren’t easily accessible from home.

And that’s starting to be more of a problem. This particular issue normally happens with smaller companies, where documents are less likely to be digitised in a format that can be accessed remotely. Research shows that 46 percent of SMEs are still reliant on paper-based processes that could easily be automated or replaced with digital content and implementing a document management system.

Poor access to information is becoming an increasingly significant issue for employees that are working from home. When staff can’t access the information they need from home, there are two likely outcomes. First, the employees may need to come into the office to access the documents, creating a risk to their wellbeing. Alternatively, they may resort to taking physical documents back home with them, creating risks around data security and privacy.

Moving forward: Using a DMS for Digital Business Processes

To address these risks, IT leaders must ensure that their staff have secure, remote access to digital versions of important documents. This means investing more in online accessible Document Management and Enterprise Content Management platforms. Many businesses may continue to be affected by the pandemic. The effects of lockdowns and changes of SOP rules will continue to disrupt business operations.

Now more than ever, companies need to implement solutions that will deliver the agility that their businesses need. Without a doubt, one way is to implement a document management system, providing remote access to business files, making your company more flexible and responsive to remote work processes as the economy slowly restarts.

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