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What Are the Advantages of a Document Management System for Digitalization?

There can be no doubt that digitalization is advancing. Many companies are moving toward a paperless working environment, and because of this transition, they require a reliable digital document management platform.

Having the right software lays the foundation for digital business processes. A document management system, or DMS for short, is paramount to achieve this. Take a look at some of the key advantages of a Document Management System for digitalization.

Implements Digital Processes

Almost all business processes either start with a document or create documents at a certain point. A DMS completely replaces the usage of documents in paper form by processing them fully digitally. For example, with a DMS you no longer have to individually share document files, but only the link to the file using the DMS. All employees then have access to the same document and every change to the file can be tracked.

Automate Workflows

A document management system is able to completely automate certain business processes and thus making workflow more efficient. However, it is not possible to implement consistent digital processes if workplace disruptions occur due to the use of paper. A DMS eliminates these and passes on documents in a precise manner to other existing applications such as your ERP system and the cloud. This way, fully automated workflows can be created, e.g. for invoices, human resources and procurement.

Enables Data-Driven Decisions

If documents and the data they contain are available in digital formats, analytical tools can analyse them. This generates valuable insights which helps organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions. Furthermore, businesses can even completely automate decision-making within processes by using artificial intelligence.

Boosts Efficiency

Searching for a document in an archive often resembles searching for a needle in a haystack. In this digital era, no one has time for this when customers or colleagues urgently require information. Thanks to a DMS, tediously searching for paper documents can become a thing of the past. Simply enter a few keywords in a search bar and the requested document will appear on the screen. Instant access to information makes it possible to work more efficiently.

Increases Flexibility

With a Document Management System, information is available around the clock. Since the documents are stored on a server, they can be accessed from anywhere via mobile apps and in offline mode without an internet connection. With the help of a cloud server, employees from different departments can work together more flexibly and easily. The collaboration on multiple projects works in a seamless manner.

Ensures Data Security

Paper can become damaged and misplaced, but digital documents stored within a DMS is able to last virtually forever, protecting it against data loss. In addition, every change to the file is documented and versioned so that transparency and traceability are always guaranteed.

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