The Across Language Server is one of the world's leading translation management systems. Across Language Server helps to localize product and company communication for international markets faster, more easily, and in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Across accompanies the entire translation process from the project and workflow control to the translation, correction, and release of the contents. Regardless of the document formats or the number of persons involved, customer will always retain control over projects, the costs incurred, and the language resources, which grow with every new translation.



  • Project control: Accelerate your processes by automating repetitive chores.
  • Translation re-use: Avoid redundant translations and reduce your costs by up to 80%.
  • Quality assurance: Ensure correct translations with regard to content and language.
  • Corporate language: Ensure consistent company terminology in all documents.
  • Connect third-party systems: Seamlessly integrate Across in your existing IT infrastructure involved.



Project/workflow management

  • User access according to user rights and profiles.
  • Integrated messaging functions, e.g. news readers, automated emails and short messages.
  • Availability checks for suppliers
  • Automated data handling
  • Automated notifications at definable events.
  • Real-time info on progress of projects.
  • Various workflow tools
  • Definable setups
  • Direct linkage of QA and workflows
  • Full process automation
  • Fast implementations and ramp-ups


  • Through Quality Management module
  • Translation are check for possible error
  • The Quality Management module displays the total number of detected errors both at project level and separately for each document of the project in the "Total Errors" column

Translation memory database

  • Unlimited languages / segments
  • Global maintenance functions
  • Global search / search & replace / filtering
  • ID-based context matching
  • Usage history
  • TMX/TTX import including validity checking


  • Corporate Identity
  • User rights and profiles
  • Task overview and meta data
  • Automated task notifications
  • Format-independent
  • QA in real-time
  • Documents can be worked on simultaneously by x users
  • Paragraph and commenting history
  • Preview functions

API Interfaces

  • Ability to connect to existing applications and processes such as content and document management systems or editorial systems via an API (application programming interface).

MT Integration

  • Enhanced pre-translation
  • Interactive access to the MT system from within crossDesk
  • Preview of MT events in the Across language portal
  • Basis for decisions concerning orders for professional translations

Terminology database

  • Unlimited languages / entries and virtual databases with individual structures
  • User rights and profiles to the database
  • Direct interaction with authoring assistance and QA
  • Concordance search in Translation Memories
  • Web access via browser
  • Integrated proposal workflow
  • Adaption to Corporate Identity
  • User rights and profiles

Business Intelligent

  • Supplier Monitoring and QA
  • Information on database contents
  • Availability of resources
  • XML/XSL reporting
  • Customizable form and content


  • Task assignment to a user crowd
  • Special groups freely composed of desired users by a project manager
  • Both online and offline users can be members of a user crowd
  • Offline translators, however, can only accept crowd tasks via crossWeb

Linguistic authoring assistance

  • Identify term candidates, sample sentence and abbreviations
  • Check/writing for MT
  • Re-use of sentences and terminology