Xtent is An innovative platform that uniquely integrates document management, publication planning, production management and digital output management, thus saving time, cost and reducing errors. It is easy to install, simple to maintain, extremely efficient and is used by a number of the world's most successful publishers. Xtent is fully customizable, allowing users to easily produce publications after a one-time configuration.



  • Unified creation, management and production workflow for all digital and print publications to increase productivity.
  • Multi-channel. Allows rapid re-use of content for multiple formats without efforts.
  • Simple. The fastest to implement (cloud and server options available), maintain and use.
  • Versatile. For all environments and types of customers.
  • Open. Based on open standards (XML, Java, Web Service) to make integration with existing systems simple.
  • Intuitive. Its interface makes it simple, intuitive and visual.



  • Underlying DAM tracks and controls all uses of content units (texts, images, videos, animations) across all editions.
  • Advanced workflow functionalities: controlled access rights, versions, redlining, notes and assignments, stages, audit trail, and more.
  • Shares content and workflows among different digital and print publications.
  • Digital and print edition manager that allows to plan, create, clone and inherit publications efficiently saving layout time and sharing content is desired.
  • Easy drag &drop content on to flat plan without need to open InDesign boosts designers productivity.
  • Integrated with InDesign CC: stores content in standard XML.
  • Flexible editing interface allows to create and preview content for InDesign pages as well as for HTML outputs, facilitating editor`s work and not requiring opening InDesign nor code HTML to edit and approve pages.
  • Supports complex objects like math formulas and tables for digital and print.
  • Management reports on status of production, cost, etc.
  • xPad Basic Outputs supported (Digital and PDF).
  • xPad Enriched Outputs supported.
  • Usable as a distributed environment or cloud application minimizing setup costs.