HP's EPM technology allows you to use three color (CMY) to achieve the same results which you have printed using normal process color (CMYK), and at the same time, helps you to increase productivity by 33% and reduce costs. However, not all jobs can be applied with EPM, and the challenge would be to determine what job is suitable for EPM and what is not.

Enfocus EPM preflight tool came out to help you with just that. It helps you to make decisions and automatically drops the file to EPM or Non-EPM path so you do not have to manually determine this with every print job you have. This will help your business to increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase revenue.



  • Increase HP Indigo EPM print volume.
  • Automatically sort files for printing in HP Indigo EPM mode.
  • Optimize manufacturing processes by reducing touch points.
  • Save time, reduce costs and increase profit.



Five main inspection points are automatically executed

  • Unwanted spot colors.
  • Amount of black used in a job.
  • Ink coverage, font size and line thickness.
  • Color differences.
  • Chroma (gray level) differences.