Using Connect SEND, customers can deliver files to any service provider without the normal email and telephone support required to ensure settings and delivery credentials are correct. Everything is pre-configured for customers to upload files automatically by dragging and dropping their files onto a branded Connector sitting on customers' Windows or Mac desktops.

Connect SEND securely and automatically delivers PDFs, images, native layout files or any other file type by FTP/sFTP, HTTP, Email, or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated workflow. Electronic job tickets can be defined so that relevant customer and job information is delivered along with the files.



  • Connect with customers to provide easy and seamless file delivery.
  • Collect important job and customer information when files are submitted.
  • Treat everyone the same or customize the experience for your more valued customers.
  • Keep your customers up-to-date.



  • Provides custom job tickets that are delivered along with the files.
  • Customize the job tickets and delivery point for different customers.
  • Automatic updating mechanism enables you to update remote Connectors with any new settings.