Enfocus solutions are perfect for designers to deliver high quality preflighted, Certified PDF files to print providers without having to worry about all the technical details, for printers to streamline production process and output more jobs in less time with fewer errors, and for publishers to achieve reliable and fully automated file production, reception and routing through workflow, allowing the publisher to focus on the content and sales of publication.



Enfocus plays important role in graphic arts industry as a leading software company that specialize in the development of PDF quality control tools and automation workflow processes. Enfocus improves communication between graphic designers, publisher and printer through its innovative solution while enhancing productivity through automation of routine tasks.

PitStop Pro


A comprehensive and powerful tool available for editing and preflighting PDF documents.

PitStop Server


The indispensable preflighting and auto-correction tool for high-volume PDF workflows, providing instant analysis, correction, reporting and routing for PDF files.



Enfocus Switch automates publishing tasks, standardizing your work and reducing errors.

Enfocus Connect ALL


Enables print service providers to facilitate hassle-free job delivery from outside clients, with a solution for creating and guaranteeing high quality PDF's before they leave the designer's workstation.

Enfocus Connect YOU


Allows anyone to create high-quality PDFs and to deliver them automatically to a production site, including job instructions related to the file.

Enfocus Connect SEND


Customers can deliver files to any service provider without the normal email and telephone support required to ensure settings and delivery credentials are correct.

HP Indigo EPM Preflight


Combines Enfocus Switch, Enfocus PitStop Server and the HP Indigo EPM Kit to automatically preflight PDF files, and based on a set of rules, sorts the files and routes them to EPM and non-EPM specific hot folders.

Enfocus Crossroads


The meeting point for all things related to Enfocus Switch. Whether you are a vendor, integrator or user of the Enfocus Switch automation solutions, Crossroads puts instant resources at your fingertips you won't find elsewhere on the web.