Infralogic's mission is to deliver easy-to-use rock-solid production systems to highly mission-critical environments like deadline-oriented newspaper and magazine production. Unlike other vendors InfraLogic does not believe in one-size-fits-all approach-we understand and respect that production environments and organizations are very different. Many years of experience in the business have indicated that the 'open system approach' is not only nice statements in brochures, but mandatory in modern software systems.

InfraLogic had deployed many solutions throughout the world, including companies such as the Star Newspaper in Malaysia, JoongAng Daily in South Korea, Berlingske Avistryk in Denmark just to name a few.



  • Highly scalable workflow allows pre-planning of complex productions.
  • Saves time by allowing separation of editorial page closure from production.
  • Allows editorial staff to view and approve pages from anywhere.



  • Centralized visual production control.
  • Single or multi-press site production planning.
  • Ideal for complex zoned multi-section production runs.
  • Combines or splits sections to single or multiple runs.
  • Build-in page imposition for pre-ripped pages fornewspaper and magazine production.
  • Support for halfwebs, true spreads and false spreads.
  • Automated page cropping, creep handling and bleed margin support for trimmed products.
  • Build-in softproof engine with ICC profile processor.
  • Support for industry standard CTP and CTF devices.
  • Integrated or stand-alone optional modules for bitmap hard proofing, ink preset calculation, and fan-out compensation.
  • Web-based page management and system overview.
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities.
  • Visual layout tool for plate template building.

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