Elpical Claro is an automatic image enhancement server. Claro replaces the human decision making with image analysis. Each original image will be analysed and based on the result, claro technology will decides on what to do with each individual image. Claro works with hot-folder based workflows (channels) and can produce images for various print processes as well as for web and tablet publishing.



  • Achieve consistent, high-quality results, even when the origin and quality of the original images vary significantly.
  • Stay in control of your workflow.
  • Publish in a cross-media landscape.
  • Claro servers processes run continuously, even if one Claro system would fail.



Elpical Claro Technology

  • Thorough image analysis.
  • Dynamic, image specific enhancements.
  • Subtle on high quality originals, aggressive where we need to be.
  • Adjustable to obtain specific look & feel of processed images.
  • Automatically detect problem-images and route them to an operator.

Claro Media Server

  • Server application for local installation.
  • Web-based user-interface.
  • Hot-folder based workflows.
  • Automatic or semi automatic workflows.
  • Optionally ties in Photoshop and Indesign in semi-automatic workflow.
  • Multi-processor aware, up to 4 concurrent image processes in a single license.
  • Flexible and open, XML and web-services API.
  • Load-balancing and automatic fail-over options.

Photoshop Inspector

  • Allows you to route critical images (automatic detection) to Adobe Photoshop

Indesign JobClient

  • Submit images to Claro from within your Indesign documents.
  • Claro crops, resamples, enhances and color-converts images according to page geometry.
  • Images fit 100% in image-box.
  • Increased quality, lower file-size.