ZePrA is a sophisticated color server for MacOSX and Windows. It allows to color convert PDF and Pixel files with ICC or DeviceLink profiles automatically. ZePrA closes the gap between manual color conversion and the use of a complex and expensive workflow solution efficiently. Its practical orientation and ease of use ensures immediate results and avoids long integration phases.

Just integrate a ZePrA color server into your existing workflow and we are confident that you will be thrilled by the immediate increase in quality and efficiency. With the Auto Setup feature and simple to use interface, ZePrA can be implemented easily into most workflows. The ability to handle even multicolor files, apply DeviceLink profiles to any color space conversion and convert spot color on-the-fly makes ZePrA to a must have for any production environment.



  • Image Conversion.
  • Hotfolder Processing.
  • Process large Pixel files.
  • Automatic Setup.
  • PDF Conversion and flattening.
  • Basic Spot color Conversion.



  • Simple, clearly structured user prompting and setup.
  • Extraordinarily high speed processing of files.
  • Outstanding quality of PDF processing.
  • Supports all common PDF/X standards.
  • Modular solution which allows to start small and add more modules later.
  • Outstanding quality of color conversion.
  • Supports color management for all color spaces including Multicolor.
  • Missing DeviceLink profiles can be build on-the-fly with SmartLink and the integrated CoPrA.
  • Adjust printer color deviations with the integrated Reprofiler.
  • Sophisticated spot color handling.
  • Easy to integrate into Enfocus Switch.