Claro is a server solution. Photoshop Inspector is a client application of Claro that can be used on workstations with Adobe Photoshop. It allows to view (and retouch) original and processed images (processed on the Claro server) side-by-side in Photoshop.


Outdoor Sales System for Bank or Stock company provides face-to-face, one-stop financial services in customer’s home or office. Bank staff or brokerage staff visits customers and provides services such as financial consulting, opening customer account, and selling financial products.


Secure Integration of Third-Party Systems in Your Across Workflows

crossConnect for External Editing enables the integration of third-party systems in your Across workflows, thereby expanding the eco-system of the Across Language Server with many interesting possibilities. For example, you can export tasks to machine translation or quality assurance systems or external correction processes and then re-import the results. The Across Language Server helps you to protect your corporate data from unauthorized processing, storage, and disclosure – throughout the entire supply chain. In this way, third-party systems that are necessary for the process can be integrated in a controlled manner, while complying with data security and compliance requirements.


1. Image Processing Channels

Image processing channels are Claro’s core functionality. In Image Processing channels images can be enhanced, resized, color-converted etc. See “Settings image processing channel” for all the possible options.

2. Routing channels

Routing channels allow you to route files to folders, email addresses, ftp servers or other Claro channels, based on certain file properties. For instance on file name if you use naming conventions. Or on image colorspace (RGB, CMYK). And a number of other properties. See “Settings of a routing channel” for a more detailed explanation of all settings.


Electronic informed consent allows medical staff to manage patient consents or any medical treatment authorizations online.

In the past, hospitals manage patient consents using paper forms. Hospital staffs have to store and manage pre-printed consent forms and signed consent forms. Paper consent forms require cost of printing, storing and managing. Furthermore, the signed forms must be manually scanned in to the EMR.


The Indesign JobClient plugin is a client application of the Claro server.

JobClient allows to layout a document using original images, then submit those images from within Indesign to Claro for processing. The JobClient sends the images accompanied by an XML jobticket to Claro. The JobTicket contains information on the positioning of the images in the document, specifically crop and size information. Claro then crops, resamples, enhances and color-converts images according to the settings of the selected channel and the jobticket and returns the processed images to the JobClient. JobClient then replaces the original images in the document for the processed images by updating the links.


Typical field inspection workflow includes visiting a site, collecting data, submitting data to backend core system, and creating inspection reports. Most field inspection jobs are still done using paper forms. However, paper forms have disadvantages as below:

  • Paper forms require buying, printing, storing, distributing costs
  • Paper forms could be lost or damaged
  • Input data could be invalid or ambiguous by human mistakes
  • Input data should be checked and typed into backend core system again
  • Paper forms cannot capture other types of information such as photo, voice, and barcode and needed separate equipment such as camera, recorder, and barcode scanner


With thousands of already produced books, publishers cannot rely only on a DAM to search for granular content to reuse, but need a publisher specific Content Manager that easily permit to use existing blocks (chapters, spreads, pages) allowing the designer to directly create new publications inside CMS. This approach maximizes production efficiency and avoids wasting time exporting the individual elements (images, InDesign templates, texts,…) outside CMS and losing the relations with their previous uses.


When they see paper mail piling up on employees’ desks, when files are left waiting far too long – or perhaps even lost – more and more bosses begin to think about document management, according to a recent survey. One especially positive result: This is true no matter the size of the company. Even classic mid-sized companies have recognised the potential of digitalisation.


Faster, better, and less costly translation management.

Cut translation costs by up to 70 percent, reduce flow times by up to 50 percent, redefine quality. Across offers suitable products for enterprises, language service providers, and translators. Across offers different software editions whose functions are custom-tailored to the respective user needs. Thus, enterprises that operate around the globe, translation service providers, and translators can get the product scope that they need for their daily work.