It’s not easy to keep track of single-user licenses for every member of your staff, for every piece of software that they use. But many businesses start that way. Employees need to upgrade their software on their own, even if they lack technical knowledge. Data is stored on their local hard drive. Communication is often via a flurry of fast-paced e-mails with huge attachments and huge risks of loss, misinterpretation and versioning issues.


Quickly and easily create high-quality output in virtually any format with SDL XPP, the industry's premier XML publishing solution.


Avoid processing images twice

If you want to avoid that images get processed multiple times by Claro, you can solve this by enabling Claro to write XMP metadata in the processed images. You can enable this in processing channels in the OUTPUT settings:


Mobile has changed everything about IT. This is not hype; it’s a fact. Thanks to Generation X and the Millennials, mobile is pervasive and if businesses want to keep up and not lose market share, they need to address these two major IT pressure points:


Color management is crucial in the printing industry, and an automated color management system can save a lot of time and trouble.


Automation (automatic control) is the use of various control systems for operating equipment with minimal or reduced human intervention. When talking about ‘Automation’ in Graphic Arts, people often have all kinds of prejudice:


SDL Contenta S1000D is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) component content management (CCM) system specifically designed to support S1000D, the globally recognized XML standard for authoring, management and delivery of technical content in support of land, air and sea systems.


EadsWorld offers soft proofing and ISO calibrated digital proofs. Proofing serves to verify that an entire printing job is accurate. Prepress proofing is a cost-effective way of providing a visual copy without the expense of creating a press proof.

The prepress proof, whether blueline, overlay or laminated color, provides an approximation of what the final piece will look like. A color proof is particularly important in four-color (process) printing. The review of this proof will be the last opportunity to catch errors before the job goes on press.


ZePrA is ColorLogic’s sophisticated color server for MacOSX and Windows. It allows color conversion of PDF and Pixel files with ICC or DeviceLink profiles automatically. ZePrA closes the gap between manual color conversion and the use of a complex, expensive workflow solution. It’s practical orientation and ease of use ensures immediate results and avoids long integration phases. With the integration of Multithreading in ZePrA 5 the latest version speeds up your color conversions tremendously.


Under what circumstances does it make sense to resample images? What are the correct settings? (SIZE)

We recommend resampling only if the output size is known to Claro. This is the case in the following situations: