Check out the new features in the EADSworld system:

  • Additional columns on Inbox and Outbox for extra information on the file without having to click on it
  • Improved ‘Contact Us’ button for you to provide feedback directly on our website

Want to know more about our new features ? Log on to our newly consolidated website, www.eadsworld.com. This will enable you to enjoy a host of new features while communicating with us seamlessly.

Did you know ? The threats of submitting an ad material via email

  • Possibility of your email ending up in the Publisher's Spam/Junk folder
  • The publisher may overlook the email
  • Size limitation for the attachment by the Publisher
  • The file may get corrupted due to poor or unstable internet connection
  • The Publisher may not acknowledge whether the Ad has been received
  • The file may not be sent for printing if the person in charge is away
  • Revised Ads might not be published due to non-appropriate tracking record or system
  • Hassle of correspondences with the Publisher on the delivery of your advertisement

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