Any successful enterprise of any size will soon find themselves drowning in a deluge of invoices. The extraction of data from invoices, be they paper-based or electronic file, and the subsequent data entry of these data into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can prove to be tedious and time consuming.

ReadSoft Online enables companies of all sizes to save costs and increase efficiency, regardless if they run Microsoft Dynamics AX, Sage, NetSuite, or other major ERP systems.

After the business-critical content has been extracted and verified, invoice data can be automatically routed to an approval workflow, and invoice images and data can be transferred to downstream applications and repositories.

The new capabilities in ReadSoft Online include master data integration, automatic coding suggestions, a rule book for triggering approval workflows, and more.

Users can view the invoice image on screen and see detailed information, such as automatically interpreted invoice amounts, accounting information and more. The use of electronic images reduces paper waste and turnaround times, as it is no longer necessary to send hard copies via post or inter-office mail.

Here is an opportunity to improve the workflow of your Accounts Payable processes!

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