Is your SharePoint portal slowing down? Is your investment in Microsoft ‘buckling’ under the weight of voluminous amount of documents and files?

EASY for SharePoint 5.1 is an archiving and file storage solution for you that will off-load the overhead of document storage from SharePoint 2007, 2013, 2016, as well as for SharePoint Online from Microsoft Office 365 plans.

The seamless integration allows users to search, view, and display all relevant content archived in EASY on the SharePoint page without switching programs.

Users can just search for documents (that are actually stored in EASY Software) with the native SharePoint search feature.

It’s also possible to display data archived in EASY through “business community services” in the form of a SharePoint document library using the SharePoint web parts “BCS list” and “BCS element.” This allows archive content that did not originate from a SharePoint library or list to be available to users in a familiar library or list form for use in business processes.

Today, in particular in Office 365, scenarios with SharePoint online allow you to improve regulatory compliance, since tax-related documents and critical company information can be used and processed without restrictions on SharePoint (on premise or online). However, the system leaves audit-proof storage of draft and final documents and file versions to specialist programs such as EASY archive.

Protect your long-term investment of Sharepoint collaboration and portal.

Source : http://easy.de/2016/02/17/easy-for-sharepoint-5-1-improves-on-sharepoint-on-premise-und-online/?lang=en&utm_source=EASY+Newsletter+English&utm_campaign=20937cee44-EASY_COMPACT_Kunden_News_2015_31_Deutsch&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1fcb814c89-20937cee44-109112449

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