OZ Mobile Contract is a suitable solution for franchise contract, car rental contract, and various agency or dealership agreements. With tablet computer, customers fill in e-contract forms, make electronic signatures, and submit the contract forms. The contract information is sent to the company database immediately online and contract forms in pdf are stored in the company server. The contract forms in pdf are also sent to the customer via email.

Application Sectors

Agency agreement, Affiliate agreement, Franchise agreement, Car rental contract, Partnership agreement, etc.

Key Features

1. Automatic creation of contract forms according to contract types

  • New contract, contract transfer, and contract renewal.

2. Intelligent contract form

  • Check required fields, Input data validation, Auto calculation in the form

3. Automatic copy of the same field value

  • No need to fill in repeatedly for repeated input fields of a same field

4. Email & SNS notification

  • Send email & SNS notification to the customer and specified company staffs.
  • The email includes a URL link to contract pdf.

5. Store and maintain completed contract forms

  • No need to fill in contract forms again for contract renewal.
  • Open old forms and edit only the fields to be changed.

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