After designing a document comes prepress. It is the process of preparing digital files for the printing press — making them ready for printing (pre > before and press > printing on a printing press). Prepress or make-ready tasks will vary depending on file complexity and printing method but some may include:

  • Double-checking fonts
  • Making sure graphics are in the right format
  • Preparing camera ready artwork
  • Creating color separations
  • Adding crop marks
  • Trapping (done to prevent color gaps when colors touch in a layout)
  • Producing prepress proofs
  • Obtaining film for creating printing plates

Some prepress tasks, such as trapping and proofs, are best handled by a service bureau or commercial printer. Hand-in-hand with prepress is preflight. A preflight checklist (yes, like airplane pilots use) is simply a final check to insure that you've done your prepress tasks.

Although, as the name implies, prepress is primarily for preparing files for a printing press or other commercial printing process, even with desktop printing you need to do some prepress (or, preprint or file prep).

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Source : http://desktoppub.about.com/cs/basic/g/prepress.htm

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