A PDF/X document contains CMYK objects with embedded ICC device profiles and is to be converted from ISO Coated v2 to ISO Uncoatedyellowish. Normally, the embedded profiles would perform standard ICC conversion, either to the document color space or to the target color space. But with CMYK-to-CMYK color conversion, this will lead to various problems in the printing process. Using SmartLink instead guarantees optimum preservation of the color structure of the original data, and also of pure colors.

Quality advantages



  • Smooth gradients
  • Gray stays gray, and black stays black
  • The separation characteristics are preserved
  • Pure, highly saturated primaries and secondaries
  • Pure duplex and triplex color combinations are preserved
  • Overprinting properties are preserved

The use of DeviceLinks is also advantageous for RGB objects with embedded profiles. Secondaries are generated from four colors if standard ICC conversion is applied. If you use SmartLink instead, secondaries will remain pure even after conversion, meaning that secondaries are generated from only two colors. Even more, the yellow primary stays pure, and primaries and secondaries are reproduced with high saturation. The typical desaturation of an ICC-based conversion is avoided, and the separation quality is much better.


  • Smooth gradients
  • Better definition in blue areas, without a violet cast
  • Pure yellow, without contamination by cyan
  • Pure, highly saturated secondaries
  • No desaturation of primaries, secondaries and gradients

If you, too, want to access the quality advantages of SmartLink, please contact us for a demo version.

Source : http://www.colorlogic.de/en/zepra_smartlink.php