It’s not easy to keep track of single-user licenses for every member of your staff, for every piece of software that they use. But many businesses start that way. Employees need to upgrade their software on their own, even if they lack technical knowledge. Data is stored on their local hard drive. Communication is often via a flurry of fast-paced e-mails with huge attachments and huge risks of loss, misinterpretation and versioning issues.

Doesn’t this sound better:

  • Easy Information Sharing. A single database for each application – and perhaps across multiple applications – keeps data and documents in one place. This save time and reduces mistakes as employees look for business files.
  • Agility. Better access to data means that analysts and decision-makers can assess business performance and jump on potential opportunities more quickly.
  • Automated Processes. Enterprise software often provides employees with rules-based procedures that automate and streamline work. Consistent workflows also ensure compliance with internal and external policies and regulations.
  • Simplifying IT. Enterprise software gives every member of the company access to the software and information they need using a single user-friendly interface. While enterprise architectures may be more complex, many aspects of software use, including training, support, maintenance and auditing are greatly simplified. This allows IT staff to focus on creating strong, stable and secure environments rather than troubleshooting standalone user configurations and issues.

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