Color management is crucial in the printing industry, and an automated color management system can save a lot of time and trouble.

Examples of Color Management scenarios that can be automated.

  • Digital printers want to make their output similar to offset printing
  • Printers want to automate the color conversion of data from different prepress suppliers in order to standardize the separations in the print job and harmonize differently separated image files on a form
  • Prepress companies have an extensive stock of press-ready legacy copy and want to convert the data to a new printing standard or a different printing process without encountering problems on the press as a result of re-separated data
  • Printers and print providers can re-separate entire documents with incorrectly or inadequately separated data for the required printing standard or the in-house standard
  • Printers can reduce the amount of ink used by applying ColorLogic SaveInk profiles
  • Print providers or printers want to standardize mixed-color files supplied in PDF/X-3 or X-4 format to get CMYK, and possibly a spot color, without disruptive RGB color spaces
  • Printers can apply last minute gradation corrections like CTP corrections or dot gain changes in addition or instead of ICC color conversions
  • Media-independent documents can be converted to different maximum printing color spaces and maintain the color appearance
  • Printers and print providers want to convert spot colors to CMYK in order to be able to print them in 4C
  • Printers want to adapt the gradation of spot colors to compensate dot gain
  • Image agencies want to provide large numbers of untagged image data with a defined profile in automated fashion
  • Photographers and image agencies need to convert their black-and-white and color photos to different printing standards. For this purpose, they can use the extended, high-quality rendering intent options and versatile processing capabilities for black-and-white data offered by ZePrA. Clipping paths and meta-data are preserved in the color-converted image files
  • Service providers for the packaging printing sector want to separate PDF files automatically via a multichannel profile (MultiColor ICC profile)
  • Packaging printers want to convert spot colors to the best possible way in process colors to save time and money

These are just a few workflow scenarios for ZePrA Color Server. If there is a specific workflow or scenario for your production environment where ZePrA may be applicable, please feel free to contact us.

Source : http://www.colorlogic.de/en/zepra_einsatzbereiche.php