Automation (automatic control) is the use of various control systems for operating equipment with minimal or reduced human intervention. When talking about ‘Automation’ in Graphic Arts, people often have all kinds of prejudice:

Automation takes a long time to implement…

The real problem is that many companies get overly eager, and make automation projects too big and complicated; especially in initial stages.

Enfocus believes in easy, feasible execution: Break off little pieces of the whole, and conquer the job one component at a time. Successful steps, however small, are highly motivating for your company and for your staff. Gradual implementation is an important key to success.

Automation will make me lose my job…

Every company is confronted with dull, non-value added tasks; such as the work related to receiving, sorting and routing files to the right person.

When you choose to automate those mind-numbing tasks in your company, your team will be able to spend more time on ways to differentiate your company from competition. Focus on value-added tasks: invest in customer service or develop new services.

At Enfocus we believe it is important to work in a smarter way, instead of working harder.

Automation is complicated…

Workflow automation systems look complex and require specific technical knowledge.

This is indeed an issue if you believe you should acquire the necessary knowledge in-house and implement everything yourself.

Must you understand, and be able to adjust, a car's complicated array of mechanical and electronic parts because you drive one? The investment you'd have to make would not be worthwhile.

For this reason Enfocus has surrounded itself with highly experienced ‘Enfocus Certified resellers’: people who are doing many automation projects on a regular basis, and know well the ins and outs of the solution. They also understand where automation projects can hit pitfalls, and help guide you to success.

Automation is not flexible…

The opposite is actually the case! Modular automation is like a box of building blocks, allowing you to build precisely what your company needs.

You don’t have to change your way of working to find a solution! Modular solutions like Switch enable you to use only the modules you actually need. Additionally, because the system is open, it can easily be linked to your existing tools and databases.

Automation is expensive…

Most production automation solutions are big, complex, proprietary, and pricey. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Alternative solutions for modular, open, affordable automation begin with Enfocus Switch.

Open systems are key to finding a future proof solution for your company because they easily integrate with tools you are already relying on today. They protect your previous investments.

Automation is only for big companies…

If automation can be made affordable, this also means it makes it accessible for small companies & shops.

Companies can benefit greatly by automating the most basic & simple repetitive tasks and often they're the ones you don't think of when implementing automation!

Contact us now to find more information about Enfocus Switch to automate your work!

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