SDL Contenta S1000D is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) component content management (CCM) system specifically designed to support S1000D, the globally recognized XML standard for authoring, management and delivery of technical content in support of land, air and sea systems.

Quality, Compliance and Efficiency

SDL Contenta S1000D increases the productivity of technical authors, editors and publishers in the creation, management and delivery of technical documentation.

The SDL Contenta S1000D solution utilizes a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) with an object-oriented architecture that facilitates content reuse, providing higher content accuracy along with lower production costs.

Simultaneous publishing of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals/Publications (IETMs/IETPs) and PDF can be accomplished with the integration of the industry leading companion products SDL LiveContent S1000D and SDL XML Professional Publisher.

Maximizing efficiency of content creation and delivery

SDL Contenta S1000D puts quality assurance tools in the hands of technical writers who develop content at the earliest stages of the product lifecycle.

These early-stage tools, including BREX Checker, Reference Validator, Applicability Assistant and Data Module (DM) Preview, enable writers to produce mission critical content with unprecedented accuracy and compliance. This, in turn, leads to fewer editorial cycles, resulting in faster delivery of quality IETMs to the field.

Business benefits

SDL Contenta S1000D provides the CSDB prescribed by the S1000D standard, along with the automation and efficiency needed to deliver S1000D content reliably and repeatedly to your customers, partners and suppliers.

  • Easy to use interface increases productivity by keeping the end user focused on the task rather than the process
  • One place to store and manage all content, including S1000D, SGML/XML and legacy data
  • Support for multiple S1000D Issues simultaneously within the CSDB and throughout the publish and delivery cycle
  • Scalable solution supports distributed workgroups
  • Faster delivery of initial publications, faster revision cycles and faster updates of existing publications

Source : SDL Contenta S1000D product brochure

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