EadsWorld offers soft proofing and ISO calibrated digital proofs. Proofing serves to verify that an entire printing job is accurate. Prepress proofing is a cost-effective way of providing a visual copy without the expense of creating a press proof.

The prepress proof, whether blueline, overlay or laminated color, provides an approximation of what the final piece will look like. A color proof is particularly important in four-color (process) printing. The review of this proof will be the last opportunity to catch errors before the job goes on press.

  • Go through the proof, check page numbers, and make sure all pages back up each other in proper sequence.
  • Check borders and rules for proper alignment and review all crossovers for accuracy.
  • Re-examine headlines and other display type for typos and placement.
  • Study areas of critical registration. Look carefully at each page to be sure no elements have been erroneously deleted or trimmed off.
  • Check every photo to be sure it is positioned, scaled, and cropped correctly.
  • Clearly circle every blemish, flaw, broken letter, and anything else that seems wrong.
  • Make certain that all corrections noted on previous proofs have been made.
  • When proofing multi-color jobs, verify that all copy will be printing in the appropriate color. Determine that all color breaks are clearly indicated.
  • For process color proofs, be sure to consistently review and judge color under the same lighting conditions.

Are there any last minute corrections to the copy? If so, now is the time to make them.

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