Customer : SAMSUNG electronics

Smart work system innovatively improves process and productivity in field services such as installation, maintenance, inspection services.


How it works

Task manager :

  1. Log in to the Smart Work System on the desktop or mobile devices
  2. Create tasks and navigate task list

Field worker :

  1. Log in to the Smart Work System on the mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  2. Check it out the task list
  3. Select a new task
  4. Can check it out the standard field procedure guide
  5. Open a task report form and check list
  6. Fill out the check list and create e-signature
  7. Capture other information such as sound/voice recording, photo capture, barcode scanning.
  8. Can save uncompleted form with input data on the mobile device and then read back again later to continue
  9. After all done, export the report to PDF and preview to check it out.
  10. If OK, then submit the PDF report and data to the server

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