Given the globally increased requirements for legally secure archiving, there is now a bigger demand for IT-aided document management and archival systems. Electronic tax audits have become acceptable and a modern necessity.

Datamation (M) Sdn. Bhd. provides a complete solution that meets and satisfies the requirements of record keeping that are outline in section 2.5 (Conditions for Electronic Records Management) of Arkib Negara Malaysia's Guidelines on Records Management.

Source : http://www2.arkib.gov.my/borang/guideline_eng.pdf/

EASY SOFTWARE is an Enterprise level Document Management System (DMS) that meets the following Arkib Negara guidelines:


Communications and data interchanged between people, electronic systems within processes can be 'captured' and if required, 'digitized' as electronic formats by leveraging various technologies.

The EASY CAPTURE PLUS module within the suite of EASY SOFTWARE applications encapsulates the importing of documents from sources such as scanning clients (with OCR/barcode etc.), e-mail sources (Microsoft EXCHANGE Office 365/IBM Lotus Notes Domino), faxes (FoIP/T.38), and electronic filesystem storage (NAS/SAN etc.)

Each record will be logically stored in the EASY Archive as a discrete document that tracks the creator and creation date/time for verification of the record's authenticity.


The EASY ENTERPRISE.x archival enables revision-proofed long-term records preservation since storage space is conveniently managed via hard disk partitioning and automated back-up capabilities.

EASY SOFTWARE ensures that documents are protected from accidental or intentional damage/destruction and modification via fine-grained user access permission controls.

Moreover every single transaction (creation, updates, deletions, and workflow routing) pertaining to the records are logged thereby enabling auditability and accountability.

The automatic versioning capabilities ensures that every revision of any documents are stored and trackable.


The indexing metadata and the electronic form of the records will then be timely accessible via web interface for immediate search and retrieval.

Even though the original documents might be downloadable, the EASY VIEW display technology renders more than 300 file formats into the ubiquitous Adobe PDF format thus enabling convenient visual reference.

Business Process Environments

Records must of course, serve as elements for processing within an organization's business workflow. In this regards, EASY SOFTWARE includes powerful and flexible workflow engines to meet the demands of unstructured, structured and web environments.

In EASY SOFTWARE, the processing and integration with other external computer systems is done using an Application Programming Interface (API), scripting and the proprietary EASY workflow engine.

Any organization capable of building record-centric applications to match its ever-changing operational needs will undoubtedly have an advantage over its competitors!

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