Customer: Prudential Life Insurance

A one-stop solution for life insurance planners to make life insurance planning from the first meeting with customer, product introduction, and finally contract with e-Signature using a tablet.


How it works

  1. OZ e-Form Viewer gets contract forms from the OZ e-Form server
  2. OZ e-Form Viewer downloads parameters from the e-Contract server with user authentication
  3. OZ e-Form Viewer shows contract form with terms of the contract
  4. The customer fills out the form with information needed
  5. After completing the form, create PDF/A document and get timestamp certificate from Timestamp authority
  6. Send the PDF document to the e-contract server
  7. E-contract server stores PDF/A document in CeDA (Certified electronic Document Authority) with PKI digital signature

Security implementations

  • Ensure network security with SSL or security solutions
  • Ensure secure data input with secure keyboard
  • Ensure legal force with personal authentication, electronic signature, timestamp, PKI digital signature

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