OZ e-Form provides a multi-screen viewer which is a key solution for paperless face-to-face customer service such as bank teller customer service, civil/public service or any other face to face customer services.

Most of traditional paper forms such as account opening application, financial instruments application, complaint application, license application, and permit application can be replaced with electronic forms.

With the guide screen, the teller can monitor the customer screen in real-time and guide the customer to enter information correctly while the customer is filling out an application form on the touch screen with electronic pen.


  • The teller does not need to re-type information from the paper form to core system.
  • Reduce human mistakes and increase data accuracy
  • Save cost of buying, printing, storing and searching paper
  • Reduce space for storing paper
  • Reduce privacy risk


How it works:

  • The system can be configured with 1 PC-2 screens or 1 PC-3 screens as needed.
  • Customer can put data on the customer screen and the teller can put annotation on the guide screen concurrently
    • The teller can make markers with highlighter pen on the guide screen to guide customer input and the customer can see highlighted marks on the customer screen in real-time.
  • Provides virtual keypad for text input on the customer’s touch screen
  • Real-time screen mirroring between customer and guide screen
  • When the customer puts data on a field, the teller can see the field highlighted on the guide screen.

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