Mobile ALISS is a one-stop solution for life insurance planners and customers. With ALISS, the planner will be able to streamline and automate the entire sales process from the first meeting with customer, insurance proposal, insurance application and finally contract with e-Signature using a tablet and without any paper forms. The customer will need to provide credentials such as mobile phone authentication.

Mobile ALISS provides a lot of advantages:

  • Process the entire sales process anywhere, anytime from proposal to contract. The planner can visit the customer with a tablet anywhere, anytime.
  • No paper brochures, application forms and contract forms. The tablet contains all documents and forms needed.
  • Change application conditions online and get new quotes immediately. The planner doesn’t need to go back to the office to change conditions and get new quote again.
  • The electronic contract form eliminates or at least reduces input errors caused by human mistakes and the planner can save paper cost and time.
  • The electronic contract form can also improve insurance regulatory compliance by embedding compliance rules in the electronic contract forms.
  • Once the customer has e-signed on the contract forms, the completed contract document in pdf will be sent to the insurance company’s server online and also the customer by email.

How it works:

  1. OZ e-Form Viewer gets contract forms from the OZ e-Form server
  2. OZ e-Form Viewer downloads parameters from the e-Contract server with user authentication
  3. OZ e-Form Viewer shows contract form with terms of the contract
  4. The customer fills out the form with information needed
  5. After completing the form, create PDF/A document and get timestamp certificate from Timestamp authority
  6. Send the PDF document to the e-contract server
  7. E-contract server stores PDF/A document in a trusted e-document repository with PKI digital signature.

Security implementations:

  • Ensure network security with SSL or security solutions
  • Ensure secure data input with secure keyboard
  • Ensure legal force with personal authentication, electronic signature, timestamp, PKI digital signature


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