Outdoor Sales System for Bank or Stock company provides face-to-face, one-stop financial services in customer’s home or office. Bank staff or brokerage staff visits customers and provides services such as financial consulting, opening customer account, and selling financial products.


  • Increase customer convenience and satisfaction. This system will be very helpful and convenient for persons who are old, disabled, sick or busy.
  • Reduce branch offices and save operating cost
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Break into new markets


How it works:

  1. Customer fills out forms: Confirmation of Investor Information, Information agreement & Investment Application form
  2. Create e-Signature, Certificates, submit forms, do account transfer
  3. Store and management with Archive, Core System, Trusted Authorities

Key features:

  • Wizard driven customer input (required fields, input sequence)
  • Prefill most of input fields
  • Dynamic forms can handle various optional cases with a single form
  • The same form runs on mobile and desktop
  • Personal Identification : ID card scan, stamp scan, photo, electronic signature
  • Personal Authentication: Mobile Authentication(Telco), Credit card or Bank Account
  • Integration with Digital Certificate Authorities: TSA (Timestamp Authority), CeDA(Certified e-Document Authority)
  • Integration with Core System, Cash Management System, CRM, etc.

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