Typical field inspection workflow includes visiting a site, collecting data, submitting data to backend core system, and creating inspection reports. Most field inspection jobs are still done using paper forms. However, paper forms have disadvantages as below:

  • Paper forms require buying, printing, storing, distributing costs
  • Paper forms could be lost or damaged
  • Input data could be invalid or ambiguous by human mistakes
  • Input data should be checked and typed into backend core system again
  • Paper forms cannot capture other types of information such as photo, voice, and barcode and needed separate equipment such as camera, recorder, and barcode scanner

Recently, not only to overcome the inefficiencies but also survive in the market, more and more companies are now undertaking mobile inspection with e-forms to achieve higher efficiency, productivity, faster decision making and better customer satisfaction.

Customers can get following benefits from mobile inspection:

  • Provides real-time analysis of mobile work status
  • Reduces overhead or administration costs that are associated with paper-based field inspection/service management and data entry
  • Increases first-time-fix rate
  • Increases productivity
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Minimizes cost and lost revenue, shorten billing cycle

Mobile inspection can be used for building inspection, safety inspection, field inspection, facility inspection, pest inspection, home inspections, property inspection, distribution inspection and field service. Mobile field service system can innovatively improve process and productivity in field services such as installation, maintenance, inspection services.

With OZ e-Form, customer can build cost-effective and professional Mobile ALISS. Benefits of OZ e-Form for mobile ALISS are:

  • Cross-platform mobility (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Easy and powerful data collection (Text, Photo, Voice, Barcode, e-Signature, NFC recognition, Handwriting recognition, etc.)
  • Strong data validation and input sequence control
  • Connectivity to diverse backend data sources (Oracle, DB2, Informix, MS SQL, Sybase, ODBC, JDBC, SSV, XML, SOAP, SAP, API for user defined data)


How it works:

Work manager:

  1. Log in to the Smart Work System on the desktop or mobile devices
  2. Create tasks and navigate task list

Field worker:

  1. Log in to the Smart Work System on the mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  2. Check it out the task list
  3. Select a new task
  4. Can check it out the standard field procedure guide
  5. Open a task report form and check list
  6. Fill out the check list and create e-signature
  7. Capture other information such as sound/voice recording, photo capture, barcode scanning.
  8. Can save uncompleted form with input data on the mobile device and then read back again later to continue
  9. After all done, export the report to PDF and preview to check it out
  10. If OK, then submit the PDF report and data to the server

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